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Carl Fischer, "Alter Friedhof in Coburg", Weimar School of Painting, watercolors

Carl Fischer, "Old cemetery at Coburg", Weimar School of painting, watercolors, brilliant colors highlight this delicately executed watercolor of the entrance gate to the old cemetery at Coburg, full of details; signed "C. Fischer. Wmr. Coburg: Alter Friedhof-Eingang", with passé-partout (visible section 46,5x31cm) and simple cherry tree frame 69,5 x 57,5cm. Fischer was painter to the royal court in Weimer around 1903-1926.
ClassificationWeimars School of Painting
Width 3)69 cm
Height 3)57 cm
Weight 3)5 kg
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Carl Fischer 34 Alter Friedhof in Coburg 34 Weimar School of Painting watercolors (Paintings/Weimars School of Painting/360,00 €)