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Axel Möller, waterside with herring smokehouse, impressionism 1929, oil on canvas, signed

Axel Möller (1862-1958), lake shore at summer time with pier and smokehouse in the background (probably on the island of Sylt), impressionistic painting style with sunlit hues of blue, thick layer of paint with visible strokes from the brush, oil on canvas, hard to read signature and date "Axel Möller-R?? (19)29", framed, 34,6 x 53,7cm
Width 3)53 cm
Height 3)34 cm
Weight 3)2 kg
SellerKunsthandel Joachim Czambor
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Axel Möller waterside with herring smokehouse impressionism 1929 oil on canvas signed (Paintings/Impressionism/450,00 €)