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Carafe, design/ concept Peter Behrens, Rheinische Glassworks AG, Art Nouveau 1905 or earlier

Beautiful carafe, design Peter Behrens, Rheinische Glashütte AG Cologne-Ehrenfeld, Art Nouveau 1905 or earlier; clear glass, hand-blown, purple tinted node, wall cut with a tendril motif, hollow base with wider body and slender neck, the neck with a facet cut, hollow stopper with facet cut neck made of purple glass, H 44cm, excellent condition, Peter Behrens was an autodidact and designed all-together 10 sets of glasses. These denote the beginning of design for glass of every-day use at the beginning of the 20th century, His most dominant design feature was "inner harmony" meaning the pure shape, See: K. W. Warthorst: Gebrauchtglas 1898 - 1924, Nd. 1, Freiburg 2001, p. 16f. und 28f.
ClassificationArt Nouveau
Height 3)44 cm
Weight 3)1 kg
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Carafe design concept Peter Behrens Rheinische Glassworks AG Art Nouveau 1905 or earlier (Glass/Art Nouveau/480,00 €)