Kunsthandel Joachim Czambor

Art Deco glass-cupboard ca. 1920, rosewood

Art Deco glass-cupboard ca. 1920, rosewood. lower part with double doors, marquetry from precious timber and mother-of-pearl inlay, upper part with glass double doors, completly restored condition, 175x117x42cm
ClassificationArt Deco
Length/Depth 3)42 cm
Width 3)117 cm
Height 3)175 cm
Weight 3)100 kg
SellerKunsthandel Joachim Czambor
Item locationErfurt, Lange Brücke 46/47
Shipping Costs1€ 180,00  innerhalb DE
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Delivery time3-7 Tage
Price1 € 2.200,00
Art Deco glass-cupboard ca 1920 rosewood (Furniture/Art Deco/2.200,00 €)